Tiny Houses

Many customers come to us with different types of needs, and each one is important to us. We know that they have different reasons for wanting a Tiny House. And we want to help. With the typical family home costing $290,000 and requiring a down payment of $58,000 a lot of people in the “new normal” will not or cannot pay that cost. Sixty-eight percent of Tiny House owners have no mortgage compared to a whopping 70% of US home owners, strapped with a monthly payment.

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Tiny Houses

Many families are pulling closer together. A Tiny House is a perfect option as a guest cottage for visitors, an In-Law home for elderly parents or a vacation cabin to share with friends and family.

More about Tiny Houses

So if you need an extra space for an office, an in-law’s cabin, guest house or rec room we have what you need. Our Tiny Houses are 400 sq. ft. and under, code approved and fully insulated for temperature controlled spaces.

Good For: In-law, Guest House, Jobsite Office, Onsite Sales Center, Hobby or Craft House, Retreat Cabins, Extended Stay Tenants, Land Development Supervision, Children Moving Back Home.

The "Concord" Starting at $40,000- Our basic model, featuring a fully out-fitted 288 Sq. Ft. of living space, including a loft and laundry. Sleeps 4 comfortable.

The "Charlotte" Starting at $47,000- Our Midsize model gives you some nice options. Add an Extra Bedroom for guests or a large porch to enjoy outdoor living. Sleeps 6 with ease. Many upgrades available. Granite Counters, custom tile work and more.

The "Raleigh" Starting at $54,000- Our largest "Tiny House" sleeps 6, includes a large porch and laundry. Enjoy features such as Granite Counters, Shower or Bath, extra room in and out, all with low monthly payments. 

Our Tiny Houses are Code approved and Fully insulated for temperature controlled spaces.

The Asheville- Tiny House


Asheville Tiny House
Whether you are city or country, our 12' x 33' "Asheville" Tiny House is sure to please the most discriminating buyer. With 396 sq. ft. of living space, you can add a seasonal porch for additional appeal, space and comfort.

  • 12' x 33' Tiny House
  • 396 SF with Front Living Room
  • MSRP $31,400



The Winston -Tiny House

Winston Tiny House

This Handsome 12' x 33 Tiny House offers 396 sq feet of living space, for even the most discernable of tastes. Choose from multiple options to make the "Winston" Tiny House your very own.

  • 12' x 33' Tiny House
  • 396 SF With Front Kitchen
  • MSRP $31,700 



The Rockingham- Tiny House

Rockingham Tiny House

Perfect as a Hunting lodge or a backyard entertainer, the 12' x 33' "Rockingham" Tiny House has 396 square feet of open space, including a raised front kitchen and large bathroom with plenty of storage space.

  • 12' x 33' Tiny House
  • 396 SF With Raised Front Kitchen
  • MSRP $30,600  



The Shelby-Tiny House


Shelby Tiny House
Campfires, Canoeing and trout Fishing. After a long day spent hiking, you will enjoy coming home to relax with 288 square feet of confort surrounding you in the 12' x 24' "Shelby" Tiny House.

  • 12' x 24' Tiny House
  • 288 SF With Front Living Room
  • MSRP $26,500 


The Wilmington-Tiny House


Wilmington Tiny House

The Ever playful 12' x 24' Wilmington is proof that  beautiful things do come in small packages. With 288 square feet of space for your imagination to flutter, you're sure to fall in love with the "Wilmington" Tiny House

  • 12' x 24' Tiny House
  • 288 SF With Front Kitchen
  • MSRP $25,500  



The Lexington- Tiny House


Lexington Tiny House

If a peaceful workspace from home is what you're looking for, the 12' x 16' "Lexington" Tiny House offers just that. And you're sure to smile even more, when claiming your 192 square foot dedicated office as a tax deduction.

  • 12' x 16' Tiny House/Office
  • 192 SF Residential Accessory
  • MSRP $13,900.






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Tiny Houses Good For:

  • In-law Suite
  • Guest House
  • Jobsite Office
  • Onsite Sales Center
  • Hobby or Craft House
  • Farm Hand Housing
  • Retreat Cabins
  • Extended Stay Tenants
  • Land Development Supervision
  • Micro Communities



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