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Granite Countertop Support Brackets

Granite can weigh up to 18lbs per square foot. When you have a wide bar top or overhang, in most cases you will some type of reinforcement or support. (Click here to read a blog article about island support brackets.)

There are many different ways you can support your countertop. If you have a small overhang or bartop, you can use a hidden countertop bar bracket or even a corbel. Corbels come in all different sizes, colors, and shapes and are mostly used for astectic looks. If you have a longer overhang, it may be best to use an Island Bracket.

Hidden Bar Bracket Countertop Support - $49.95 ea.

This hidden countertop bar bracket is mounted to your cabinet wall. It is unseen, unless you look at the bottom of the granite countertop itself. This is best used with granite countertop bars and smaller overhangs. All steel brackets.


Island Bracket for Countertop Support - $124.95 ea.

These are specifically designed to support longer overhangs. The support is 24" long and is mounted to the cabinet and countertop. Its strong material can carry the weight of the granite countertop and support your longer overhang properly. This is also great with islands that have longer overhangs. All steel brace.


Hidden Bar Bracket | Countertop Support


Island Bracket | Countertop Support


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