Stainless Sinks

There are many sizes and shapes of sinks to choose from. Here are some of our most popular sinks:


50/50 Stainless Steel


100-Full Bowl Stainless steel


60/40 Stainless Steel


40/60 Stainless Steel


70/30 Stainless Steel

30 70 stainless steel

30/70 Stainless Steel

prep sink

Prep Sink


50/50 Stainless Steel Sinks

The 50/50 Stainless Steel sink is the most common and most workable style.

The 60/40 and 40/60 Stainless steel Sink

Add to the flexibility of a double bowl sink using unequal size bowls-60/40 or 40/60 sinks offer a larger size bowl for washing items like pots and pans. Usually the smaller size bowl is where the garbage disposal is mounted.

70/30 or 30/70 Stainless Steel Sink

This model is great for washing larger size items and also having the option to use the smaller sink as a prep area. As in the 60/40 sink, the garbage disposel usually is mounted under the smaller bowl.

The Full Bowl or 100 Stainless Steel Sink

This style is quickly becoming very popular in kitchen remodels, great for extra large items. For washing, soaking and a good replacement for laundry tub that is missing from most new homes.

Granite Composite Sinks

A composite granite sink is made from real granite. It is made using a mix of granite stone dust and acrylic resins molded into sink form. These sinks come in white, brown, black and an assortment of cream colors.


Bathroom Sinks-Porcelain

Porcelain sinks for the bathroom are the standard style for this remodeling project. You can select from white black and bisque. Styles come in oval and rectanglular shapes

Bathroom Sinks-Vessel Sinks

Looking for a unique design for the bathroom. Vessel sinks sit on top of the countertop. This style is becoming very popular, kind of a throw back to the bowl and basin style of the past. Designs come in glass, metal, ceramic and others.

Other Types of Sinks

More sink are available-everything from small prep sinks to this unusual peanut sink shown below.



What to Consider When Selecting a Sink for Your Kitchen

70% of all kitchen work takes place at the sink.

A kitchen sink is the workhorse of every kitchen. We spend more time in front of a sink than in any other kitchen work area, therefore, it’s important to consider both its function and design. When selecting a kitchen sink style for your home, consider the way you work in your kitchen. Take some time to answer the following questions:

Do you work left-to-right or right-to-left when using a kitchen sink? If you select a double sink, you may  want   the larger sink area to your right if right handed or vise versa if left handed.

Do you do a lot of hand-washing of pots and pans? Make sure to select a sink that has the correct depth and width if you do.

What is your height and reach? If you are petite a deep sink may not be the best  chioce.

How much counter space do you have in your kitchen?

The sink and counter should provide an efficient work area for both food prep and cleanup.

The rule is to make sure that the sink takes up no more than a 1/3 of the kitchen space.

Kitchen Sink Styles

SINGLE BOWL-If you have a small kitchen area or wash a lot of pots and pans you might want to consider a single sink basin.

DOUBLE BOWL-50/50, 60/40, 40/60, 30/70, 70/30-Many people like one bowl for washing and another for rinsing. With this option you have many style and sizes to pick from, based on your needs.

FARMHOUSE or APRON SINKS- This sink style has a front apron that replaces part of the counter. This also comes in many sizes and styles. This can be a comfort option as you are working at the sink.

CORNER SINK -Special sinks designed to fit well in corner areas for smaller kitchens.

BAR SINKS-Smaller sinks that add an extra space for washing vegetables, defrosting meats, cleaning glassware or keeping beverages cool.

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Sink Materials

Stainless Steel-These are the most popular sink in homes today. They are affordable, durable and easy to maintain. Many people just like the look of stainless steel.

Composite Sinks-These are formed under high pressure. Granite combined with resin to create a durable, hygienic and strong sink resistant to heat, scratches and chips.

Porcelain Sinks- Also known as ceramic are made of clay, glass and metal. These have a low moisture absorbency which makes them an ideal choice for bathrooms.

Glass and Copper-Commonly used as decorative vessel sinks in bathrooms. See our examples under bathroom sinks.

Stainless steel undermount sink specs and information:

Cleaning Sinks

Cleaning Stainless Steel-While the shine of stainless steel makes it appealing, keeping it that way can be tricky. Here are a couple tips to help.

Use non-abrasive cleaners to remove the tough stuff, Bar Keeper's Friend and Bon Ami are non-scratch cleaners that work well on stainless steel. "Dobie" from Scotch Brite is also an execellent tool for tough stains.

Bring Back The Shine-Glass cleaner, olive oil and baby oil can be use to polish the sink once the stains are removed.

Composite Granite Sinks- This sink, while more durable than stainless steel can develop stains and a white film after use. The cleaning method mentioned above works just as well for composite sink, porcelain, metal and glass sinks.


Questions about Cleaning and Maintaining Your Sink?

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