Wheatfield Granite

Description of Wheatfield Granite-This Cream Colored stone is a light, speckled granite with a very high uniform composition, ranging from slab to slab. Within this light colored stone you will find speckles of creams, gold, grays and light browns. This would be a great color choice for darker colored cabinets and floors. This Granite is also known as Sunset Gold Granite.

Wheatfield Granite Countertop Color Examples-Video Gallery

Wheatfield Granite Countertop Color Examples-Video Gallery

Wheatfield Granite Countertops | Charlotte NC

“Wheatfield” is a light, speckled color for granite countertops. It is used for kitchen granite countertops, bathroom vanities and even fireplace surrounds. Like many other types of granite countertops, Wheatfield granite comes in different thicknesses — 2CM and 3CM. 3CM thickness is best used for kitchen granite countertops, while 2CM is acceptable to use for bathroom vanities or smaller projects. If you are looking for a more golden speckled granite, please look at Carioca Gold Granite Countertops.

When choosing your color of granite countertops, you should consider your floors and cabinets over the maintenance. With darker cabinets and floors, your best choice would be light color granite. This light color granite will give more of a contrast between the countertop and cabinets. Wheatfield, Caledonia, Carioca Gold, New Venetian Gold, and Santa Cecelia are all very popular light color granite colors. Santa Cecilia and New Venetian Gold are two granite countertops colors that have more movement than the other above mentioned Level I Granite Countertops Colors.

When choosing your granite countertops, remember this rule of thumb: With lighter color cabinets, a darker granite will stand out more than the lighter granite. and vice versa. Wheatfield Granite Countertops are a perfect granite countertops color that will accent any darker or oak cabinets. Wheatfield Granite Countertops also compliment lighter color cabinets. Choose your granite based upon the color, look and feel you are trying
to create for your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity countertops.

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