Uba Tuba Granite

Description of Uba Tuba Granite-This granite color is primarily a dark green in overall appearance and accented with shades of lighter greens, golds, browns, blacks, whites and sometimes even turquoise blues. Depending on the amount of flecks incorporated in each slab, Uba tuba's overall color can range from dark green, black and even brown. This stone has a uniform grained surface with very little veining it it. The pattern consists mainly of small flecks of colors.

Uba Tuba is also known as Butterfly, Verde Uba Tuba, Verde Labrador and Green Labrador. Stones that are marked as "Verde" or "Green" tend to have more greens in them.

Uba Tuba Granite

One of our most popular countertop Material.

The color of this stone is a very dark green and may even look black. The beauty of this material is that you will find speckles of brown, gold, white and even turquoise. This granite may be called verde Uba Tuba or Green Labrador. See some of the different examples below.

More Examples Of Uba Tuba Granite Countertops


Uba Tuba is a dark green color, sometimes mistaken for black. Some Uba Tuba slabs can be lighter in green color than others.This You-Tube Playlist shows some of our Uba Tuba Installations.


Found naturally in Brazil, Uba Tuba Granite is quickly becoming one of the most requested granites for bath and kitchen granite countertops. It has a smooth, easy to maintain surface. Uba Tuba Granite Countertops are glossy, providing the owner with a high quality professional appearance. Uba Tuba granite also has an exceptional durability not found with other materials. Although in some lighting Uba Tuba Granite Countertops look dark or even black, Uba Tuba Granite is a dark green color.

Uba Tuba is a primarily dark green granite made up of flecks of lighter green, black, gold, brown, white and even turquoise blue. Uba Tuba’s color can vary from slab to slab and even within one slab. The stone may appear lighter, darker and with more or less of various colors in its makeup, depending on which section of the quarry it was taken from. In addition to “Uba Tuba” the granite may be called by several names, depending on the fabricator or stone yard selling it. Uba Tuba has also been known on the marketplace as Butterfly, Verde Uba Tuba, Verde Ubatuba, Verde Labrador and Green Labrador. Variation in color among these names is usually due to the section of the quarry the stone was taken from. Stones marked “Verde” or “Green” are typically a brighter green in color than others.


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