Santa Cecilia Light Granite

Description of Santa Cecilia Light Granite-This granite also known as Latin Pearl and Samoa Light has a very consistent pattern. This light brown stone falls more in the brown-gold range due to the accents you will find within each slab of black, brown and gold colors. While Santa Cecilia comes in many varieties, this would be one of the lighter versions making it perfect for any kitchen or bathroom project.

Santa Cecilia Classic Granite

Description of Santa Cecilia Classic Granite-also known as St. Cecilia Classic and Samoa Classic. This stone can be described as a very consistent light yellow color. The slab's overall design is speckeled with brown, black and burgundy accents. The uniformity of this stone makes it a popular choice for any kitchen and bathroom remodel project.

Santa Cecilia Real Granite

Description of Santa Cecilia Real Granite-AKA St. Cecilia Real and Giallo Real. This granite color can be described as creme brownish color with medium consistency. Within this stone you will find the typical speckles of pale brown, beige and blacks. Santa Cecilia Real is a good choice for many kitchen and bathroom projects because of it's uniform pattern flow.

Santa Cecilia Dark Granite

Description of Santa Cecilia Dark Granite-Also known as Samoa, St. Cecilia Dark and Giallo Cecilia Dark. This stone fall more in the color grouping of gold-gray due to the slight hints of burgundy, ivory and black veins interlaced on the consistent white stone background. The added colors in this granite make it a wonderful and unique material for kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite

Description of Santa Cecilia Gold Granite-This stone falls more in the gold color range due to the overall colors of yellow and golds. Whithin each slab of this unique stone you will find blends of blacks, brown, white, creams and a sprinkling of burgundies. The pattern is less consistant due to the arrangement of these added colors. Santa Cecilia Gold is a dramatic yet elegant addition to any kitchen or bathroom project.

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