Santa Cecilia Granite

Description of Santa Cecilia Granite-This stone also known as St. Cecilia, Giallo Santa Cecilia, Gold of Troy and Amarelo Santa Cecilia has a very consistant background of light yellows accented with highlights of honey and small burgundy specks. Whithin each slab you will find veining and speckles of black, brown and golds. The arrangements of this golden yellow granite adds an elegant appeal to any kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Santa Cecilia Granite- Great selection-works well with all cabinet colors.

This Granite Countertop color comes in many different variations, such as Santa Cecilia Light, Santa Cecilia Classic, Santa Cecilia Real, Santa Cecilia Dark and Santa Cecilia Gold. Click here to learn more about each of these granite countertop colors.

Santa Cecilia Granite Countertop Color Examples-Video Gallery

Santa Cecilia Granite Countertop Color Examples-Video Gallery

Santa Cecilia Classic Granite Countertops

Granite countertops installed in this Charlotte kitchen using the very popular Santa Cecilia Classic Granite.

This kitchen was designed by Jen Stephenson at Fireplace and Granite. Jen combined St. Cecilia granite with a ½ bull nosed edge, 40/60 Stainless Steel sink and 3 x 6 Noce Travertine tile accented with a Tantrum focal point to transform this ordinary kitchen into a truly “Classic” Dream Kitchen.

Granite installed by Hasko and Tile installed by Vitali from Fireplace and Granite.

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