Gas Logs

Ventfree and Vented options available for gas log sets. learn more about each before making your selection.

vented_gas_logsA gas log set can help bring your old fireplace back to life!


Fyre's Collection

Contemporary Collection


Contemporary Collection

See all that Fyre has to offer in the Contemporary Line, This line carries everything from fyre glass to Geo Shapes and River Rocks, for vented and vent free units.


Vented Gas Log collection


Vent Free Gas Log Collection

Put some color in your Fire with Fyre's Contemporary Series



Napoleons vented gas logs range from 90,000-50,000 BTU'S. They offer electronc ignition and a clean burning infrared radiant heat burning system. These sets come in Traditional log, Contemporary river rock or Reversible sets, allowing you to customize your look. These sets use Natural Gas or Propane.



Napoleons Vent Free gas logs use Natural gas or Propane, up tp 40,000 BTU'S-Featuring a Hand Painted Design.


Vent-Free Gas Logs

Vent free gas log fireplaces are self-contained systems that can be installed in walls or open areas, and are not connected to the house or the outdoor air. These units can range from tightly sealed wood versions which need to be replenished to wall-mounted fireplaces that are connected to a old chimney where the flu has been sealed shut.

Vented Gas Logs

Vented fireplaces are connected to a flu or chimney that leads through the house and outside, creating a channel of open air to the fireplace. These type of gas logs are usually installed where a traditional, wood burning fireplace used to be. On occasion a chimney can be installed specifically for a gas fireplace, although this is most common in new houses.

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What is the Difference Between Vented Gas Logs and Vent Free Gas Logs


  1. Extremely realistic flame pattern that looks like a wood fire.
  2. Flame is much taller than ventless logs.
  3. Flame dances and wraps around logs like real wood.
  4. Does not require a CO2 detector.
  5. Since the damper is open, the odor will go up the chimney.
  6. Many now offer radiant heat, approximately 40-50% of heat is radiated back into the room, instead of up the chimney.


  1. Ventless gas logs {often referred to as “Vent-Free} have specially designed burners that burn the gas cleanly and produce almost no exhaust…somewhat like the way a gas range in a kitchen works. Since there is little or no exhaust, they can be burned with the damper closed.
  2. The beauty of this type of system is that 99.9% of the heat produced by the gas logs goes into the room. However, there are many negative features commonly associated with ventless logs that you must be aware of before you decide to purchase them.
  1. Ventless gas logs will introduce excess moisture into your home which can result in mold and mildew.
  2. Ventless logs produce an odor that many people equate to the smell of burning kerosene.
  3. Ventless logs are required to have an ODS {Oxygen Depletion System} as well as a CO2 detector…which might tell you that there are some risks involved in operating them if these systems fail.
  4. The Flame pattern with ventless logs is not nearly as realistic in comparison to vented logs.


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