Dimplex Electric Fireplace



Want to add atmosphere and comfort to any place you can hang a picture? Dimplex Wall-Mounts bring a room to life. Sizes range anywhere from 22 to 74 inches, with an assortment of designs and styles. You are sure to find a perfect fit.


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Flame technology creates the illusion of a true wood burning fire. Includes a powerful fan-forced heater. Hand painted log set.

Styles include- Electric Firebox 20″,26″ * Standard Built-in 39″ * Deluxe Built-in 33″, 39″, 45″ * Slimline 33″ * Self-Trimming 25″,26″, 30″, 33″ * Multi-Fire 25″,32″, 33″,and 2 Sided 39″.


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20″Firebox   26″ Firebox   39″ Standard  33″ Deluxe   39″ Deluxe   45″ Deluxe   33″ Slim-Line 25″ Self-Trim   26″ Self-Trim   30″ Self-Trim   33″ Self-Trim   25″ Multi-Fire   32″ Multi-Fire   33″ Multi-Fire 39″ 2 Sided Unit 

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Looking for a clean way to enjoy that old masonary fireplace? With amazing realism and a built in heater, these inserts offer style and comfort in just minutes.

Styles -23″ Deluxe and 23″ Standard fireplace insert, log set insert, open hearth insert, OPti-Myst Insert, Opti-Myst Cassette, large and standard.


 23″ Deluxe Electric Insert    23″ Standard Electric Insert  Log Set Insert Open Hearth Log Insert   Opti-Myst Cassette  Opti-Myst Cassette Large  Opti-Myst 2 Insert

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Looking to create a focal point or accent any room, Dimplex Mantel styles range from clean and contempoary to highly ornate and sophisicated.


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Dimplex Consoles

A Perfect Media Companion-How about combining the best of both worlds- with Dimplex Media Consoles, you get the relaxing atmosphere of a beautiful fireplace merged with an attractive home for your entertainment center.


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Dimplex Opti-myst Units

Looking for a Dazzling Realistic Flame- Opti-Myst- a revolutionary flame combined with glowing logs and a fine water mist give you the most amazing effect in Electric Fireplaces.


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Dimplex Electric Stoves

Electric stoves add the charm of the old time wood stove, without all the fuss. Accent the favorite corner of your house with any of these style and color options.


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Dimplex Videos

Mantels, Consoles, Wall Mounts, Stoves and Opti-Myst Electric Fireplaces.

Dimplex Vienna Mantel w/32 Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Logan Console w/23 Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Novara Console w/25 Electric Fireplace Black

Dimplex Chalet Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Dusk Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Convex Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Sahara Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Strata Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

The Brayden Opti-myst Wall-mounted Fireplace

The Redway Opti-myst Wall-mounted Fireplace

The Tate Opti-myst Wall-mounted Fireplace

Dimplex Celeste Stove Electric Fireplace

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